• Everyone competes at their own risk.
  • By paying the start fee and signing the application form, the competitor confirms that he agrees with the terms of the competition and that he competes at his own risk (for minors, the parents or guardians who sign the application form take responsibility).
  • The application forms will be signed upon acceptance of the starting numbers at the Registration Service.
  • Runners must be physically fit.
  • The competition will be held in any weather, with the exception of the weather that would jeopardize the safety of participants. In this case, the event organizers shall decide on the change of the route or the cancellation of the event.
  • Due to the complexity of the competition, minors are not allowed to compete at the distance of 32 km.
  • The route will be appropriately marked every 100-200m (strips, plates, flags ...). A medical service and lifeguards are provided along the route. There will also be security guards (volunteers, firefighters) at key positions to help guide runners and keep them safe.
  • The organizer is not responsible for the consequences that a competitor inflicts on him-/herself, his/her teammate or a third party.
  • A competitor may voluntarily withdraw from the race at checkpoints. He resign immediately and inform the organizer (contact on the start number).
  • The organizer is not responsible for damage caused to the running equipment.
  • If the markings are visibly inadequate or missing, please report it to the nearest checkpoint.
  • All participants must have the required mandatory equipment.
  • All competitors must adhere to the marked intended path. Any search and use of shortcuts and running off-road will be punishable with immediate disqualification. If you do not see any mark for more than 200 m, go back to the last mark and review the resumption options.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the announcements of events, and the participants will be informed in due time.
  • A medical service and lifeguards are provided for possible interventions on the routes.
  • By registering for the competition, each competitor agrees that he / she is familiar with the rules of the competition and that he / she participates in the event-competition at his / her own risk and that he / she is fully aware of all risks involved in such competitions.
  • By signing the entry form, each competitor agrees that he is a participant in traffic and that in case of bodily injuries and equipment and theft of equipment before, during and after the competition will not file any lawsuit or compensation against the organizer. The competitor is responsible for all possible injuries and thefts.
  • The organizer does not assume any liability for damages incurred before, during and after the competition.


  • Food and drink at the snack bars along the route, about every 10-12km
  • Bogat štartni paket *,
  • Pasta party voucher before the match and voucher for a hot meal at the finish,
  • Finish bags for Ultra Trail races, bags of clothes from the starts will be transported to the finish line,
  • Memorial medal upon arrival at the finish line,
  • Medical and rescue service is provided,
  • Transport of competitors who resign at the checkpoint to the finish area,
  • Personalized start number with chip,
  • Timekeeping, intermediate times and video results, live monitoring, videos of arrivals at the finish line, commemorative diplomas
  • Ticket for the MAMBO KINGS concert
  • * Za prijave do 5.10.2021!



  • Failure to follow the marked route and use of shortcuts (marked and hidden checkpoints on the route), the competitor must be recorded at all checkpoints.
  • Incomplete compulsory equipment (the organizer may at any time during the race check whether a competitor has all the required equipment). A competitor must have and show the required equipment. If a competitor fails to show the equipment, he/she will be disqualified.
  • Trash dumping on and off the track - disqualification.
  • Using shortcuts, using unmarked routes, arriving at a checkpoint or refreshment point from the wrong direction - at least 1-hour penalty for each of the irregularities.
  • Use of transport during the match - disqualification.
  • Avoiding helping a teammate in difficulty - disqualification.
  • Insult or threat to the organizer or a volunteer - disqualification.
  • Continuation of running after the expiry of the time limit - disqualification.
  • The disqualification may be immediate or upon identifying irregularities.


  • Start number in a visible position
  • Suitable running shoes
  • Spare food and beverage for the time between refreshment points (1L)
  • Own drinking pot (15 cL minimum)
  • Astro foil (1.40 x 2.0 m minimum)
  • Hooded jacket *
  • Whistle *
  • Mobile phone (full battery)
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Hat/scarf and gloves
  • Headlamp **
  • Bandana over your face at the start and finish!

* Not needed for Martin's run

**Ultra Trail 63 km in 87 km.


TRAIL TO 30.04.2021 TO 31.08.2021 TO 15.10.2021
11 km 30 € 35 € 37 €
18 km 35 € 40 € 43 €
33 km 45 € 50 € 53 €
63 km 60 € 70 € 75 €
87 km 85 € 95 € 105 €


  • Cancellation of registration must be done by e-mail at, return is possible only with a valid medical certificate.
  • Refunds after October 15 are not possible, regardless of the reason why the runner does not participate in the competition, he is entitled to a starting package.
  • Switching between competitions on different routes is possible until 31.8.2021, in this case we do not refund the difference in the amount of the registration fee.


The organizer undertakes to reimburse the entry fee in case of prohibition / inability to perform the event due to emergency (COVID) or force majeure:

  • Cancellation of the event up to 2 months before the event 70% refund of the entry fee and 10% discount in the next year, or transfer of the entry fee to the next year 2022
  • Cancellation of the event up to 20 days before the event 60% refund of the entry fee and 15% discount in the next year, or transfer of the entry fee to the next year 2022.
  • Cancellation of the event less than 20 days before the event - no refund, all entry fees are carried over to the next year 2022.


  • The starting number must be affixed to the front of the body, to the shirt or belt.
  • Own drinking pot (from starter pack). There will be no plastic pots at the stations, so each runner must have his/her own.
  • Jacket with a hood, the jacket must have a mandatory hood and be made of waterproof material (17, 32, 60 and 87 km)
  • Basic first aid kit. The first aid kit must contain at least 1-2 gauzes, 1 elastic bandage and a patch pack.
  • Competitors agree to the use of photo and video footage taken at the event for promotional purposes by the organizer.
  • The organizer is not responsible for the consequences that a competitor inflicts on him-/herself, his/her teammate or a third party.
  • By registering in the online application form and paying the registration fee, a competitor confirms that he/she agrees to the terms of the announced trails and that he/she competes at his/her own risk. For registrations at the venue on the day of the event, a competitor signs an application form confirming his/her acceptance of the registration conditions and the competing at his/her own risk.
  • The competitor agrees to be aware of the personal health condition that the organizer does not take any responsibility for any health problems that may arise during the event due to negligence on the part of the competitor.
ORGANIZER of the event "PHILIPS Ultra Trail with views 2021" is the Association Obala Trail